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MiC - Modeling in the Cloud

With their web-based development platform "MiCTM - Modelling in the Cloud", ExpertControl proves how easy, efficient and cost-effective model-based development can be.
MiCTM not only provides free-of-charge simulation models, but with MiCSIMTM you are also enabled to simulate closed control loops directly in the internet browser!

MiCMiC™ offers a wide range of free simulation models: spring-mass-damper systems, dc-motors, tank-filling, driving simulations and many more. If individual simulation models are needed, the optional Automatic System Identification in MiC™ calculates models from measured data automatically. Since spring 2012, Engineers and students use MiC™ as a free source for simulation models. Now, the latest MiC™ feature goes one step beyond: To design control algorithms, the free to use MiCSIM™ simulator can be applied with models from MiC™, or with own models defined in MiCSIM™. Using the simulator is extremely easy, since working with MiCSIM™ means “Modeling by Parameterization” rather than inventing standard control-loop structures again and again. For example, this allows switching from open-loop to closed-loop just by one mouse-click without setting up a new graphical “Spaghetti-Code” model. Full flexibility is provided even for designing P, PI, PD-T1 and PID-T1 feedback controllers: MiCSIM™ allows integrating results from user specific PID-Tuning algorithms, executing manual parameterization conveniently in MiCSIM™ or using the state-of-the-art controller parameterization tool ecICP optionally. The simulation results are displayed nicely in the browser and the plots can directly be saved for documentation. “Using MiCSIM™ is so easy! Within few minutes, I have simulated a well working Cruise Control System by using a free plant model of a driving car from MiC™, and tuned the parameters of a PI controller in a second step in MiCSIM™”, highlighted Hans-Georg Hermann, Sales Manager at ExpertControl. Since MiCSIM™ does not require any budget, licenses or installations on the PC, and since MiCSIM™ is always available in the internet, it is worldwide the perfect solution for Universities as a Virtual Lab and for Companies as a Training Center as well as for productive use as a Simulation and Control Design environment.