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Version Control System for Simulink allowing for Concurrent Modeling with Multiple Developers



In large Simulink projects several engineers work on the same model and they often want to edit subsystems of the same mdl-file at the same time. Conventional version control software products do not support syntactical correct merging of mdl-files together with version control management for single subsystems. ecVERSIM treats each Simulink subsystem as a separate module and so allows for parallel development inside the different subsystems as if they were separate files. The user-friendly GUI allows to maintain control even over large and complex Simulink™ models. The modular philosophy of ecVERSIM allows for highly parallel development even of large single Simulink models.

ecVERSIM ScreenshotTypically, when large Simulink and Stateflow models are built to describe systems’ dynamics, many Simulink users are involved and working on the same model. From a version control perspective without having ecVERSIM, it is very difficult to synchronize and maintain the modeling stages and the various model versions provided by the different developers in different company departments. Within a client/server computer environment, ecVERSIM provides all means to overcome these difficulties. ecVERSIM allows to check-in and check-out the model parts easily which a specific user would like to work with. From a user’s perspective, there is no restriction in working with the entire model within Simulink. The user gets exactly indicated which parts of the model are in use and blocked by which person. Rights for working with a model may be user and project dependent. ecVERSIM takes takes care of this as well.

For comparing different versions of two Simulink models (graphical diff), ecVERSIM may also be used with the ecDIFF component of the GDUI Toolkit. The GD interface makes it easy to compare for instance models located in the repository on the server with models being local on the user's computer.

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For further information, please click here to download the ecVERSIM datasheet.