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Graphical Differencing for Simulink Models / Comparing Simulink Models

ecDIFF is one component of the GDUI Toolkit, a globally approved software package which is applicable efficiently in the areas of ‘Graphical Differencing and Interactive User Interface’ for Simulink/Stateflow.

The GDUI Toolkit is available within a worldwide partnership between ExpertControl and National Instruments and comprises three product components, ExpertControl ecDIFF (Graphical Differencing for Simulink and Stateflow models), National Instruments SIT (Simulation Interface Tool) and LabVIEW Base.

If you want to Download the ecDIFF Freeware (with limitations - no full version), please click here.

The following describes the ecDIFF component of the GDUI Toolkit.

ecDIFF Features:


When working with Simulink, different model versions and variants exist and are continuously developed. To check the differences between two models and as an important step before merging models, it is helpful to get the differences automatically with a software package which looks at the differences from various aspects. These aspects include structural, parameter and visual differences.

ecDIFF ScreenshotecDIFF quickly finds changes between Simulink models. In particular, when model sizes are growing or when multiple developers are working with the same model, it is almost impossible to find out manually about the differences between the different development steps. Having ecDIFF at hand, users can check at any time whether they are working with the most up-to-date model and what the differences are with respect to previous or intermediate model files. Additionally, users can leverage the extensive and structured differencing capabilities of ecDIFF for model management and in particular, when working on models in parallel. Using ecDIFF in combination with ecVERSIM, a powerful version control system for Simulink models allowing for concurrent modeling with multiple developers, magnifies these effects even more. For more details on ecVERSIM, please click here. The GD Interface provides seamless integration between ecDIFF and ecVERSIM.

After providing ecDIFF with information about which files shall be compared and where they are located, ecDIFF shows the model differences in a list including some explanatory description. It also presents two model subsystem trees for the two models coloring the differences. This makes it very easy for users to navigate through the (difference) structure and just by clicking at the subsystem of interest it gets opened for graphical inspection and modification.

Application Areas:

For further information, please click here to download the ecDIFF datasheet.

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