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ecCST - the embedded controller for your application


With the flexible controller algorithm called ecCST, ExpertControl offers a powerful solution for even highly complex feedback-control systems. The controller structure of ecCST adapts according to the system dynamics. This high flexibility in combination with additional features like switching of controller structures, integrated observers and many more, enables ecCST to be both, a “normal” controller or a highly sophisticated controller for even the most complex technical systems.

Features of ecCST:

  • Adapts controller structure according to system dynamics
  • Independent from kind or quantity of process variables to be controlled
  • Feasible for systems with multiple oscillations
  • Automatic Controller Switching Technology (structure and parameters)
  • Eliminates tracking errors for ramp setpoint signals
  • Integrated observer for state control

All these features enable ecCST to be the perfect controller algorithm for any application.

RPM Control

Technical requirements for using ecCST:

  • Parameterization tool ecICP
  • In simulation environments: SimulationX, LabVIEW or Simulink
  • Real-time hardware with suitable development environment (e.g. National Instruments or Schmid Engineering with LabVIEW, B&R with Simulink or others)

You are interested to know if your hardware is supported by ExpertControl? Please contact us for the full list of supported hardware.